We are pleased to present the 10 LivePitch finalists of the third AARP Health Innovation@50+ LivePitch startup pitch and demo day. These companies will take the stage on May 9th in Boston. Additionally, Speed Pitch finalists can be found here.


Accel-Diagnostics_logoAccel Diagnostic
Pittsburgh, PA
Accel Diagnostics enables patients and healthcare providers to perform lab-quality medical diagnostic tests at anytime, anywhere. Accel Diagnostics’ patented pScreen platform technology employs a single-use blood test the size of a credit card in tandem with a smartphone application to quickly detect disease-specific biomarker levels and manage chronic diseases in the home-setting.

Palo Alto, CA
BiiSafe Buddy is a stylish smartphone accessory for taking care of one’s belongings and loved ones. It enables easy and quick location sharing and alert sending among friends and family with just one press of a button. It can also help in finding one’s lost keys.

Singer Island, FL
Careticker is the world’s first web/mobile platform that helps unpaid, family caregivers track and earn incentives for the care provided to their loved ones.

Brentwood, TN
Healthspek manages all personal and family health information in one secure place from multiple devices. The unique myDashboard helps you track medications, vitals and access care. The myInbox receives your medical records; in addition you control who accesses your records with chartnow.com.

Our mobile app helps you to upload your medical bills and related documents like the medical records, insurance etc. The documents are redacted to protect privacy. We use machine learning algorithms and community of expert billing advocates to analyze bills for errors. The advocates negotiate with providers / insurance companies to resolve errors and help save you money.

Lift-Labs-logoLift Labs
San Francisco, CA
Liftware is designed for individuals affected tremors caused by Essential Tremor or Parkinson ’s disease. The smart device can tell the difference from intended to unintended tremor. If there is tremor Liftware will move an attached utensil in the opposite direction of the motionto cancel it out.

Pixie-Scientific-LogoPixie Scientific
New York, NY
Technology embedded in consumer products that unobtrusively monitor nutrition and onset of chronic conditions in children and seniors before symptoms occur.

Sway-LogoSway Medical
Tulsa, OK
Sway is a medical software company building regulated mobile software solutions that utilize the existing sensors in a mobile device for clinical and at-home screening of balance and neurological conditions with nothing more than the mobile device you already own.

New York, NY
TalkSession is a telemedicine platform aimed to increase access to mental healthcare by leveraging last minute cancellations and no-shows. TalkSession’s platform isolates mental healthcare providers’ availabilities and connects patients via secure mobile video on any browser-enabled device.

Mclean, VA
Zansors combines science and technology to create tools that help you know yourself. Our sleep sensor makes it easy for you to collect your personal health data, painlessly and comfortably, which can then be used to make personal health decisions with much greater clarity, accuracy and relevancy.